Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Dead Washer

UGH!! Well the repair guy came out and I have to say I have never been more thankful that my washer is under a 5yr warranty that will be expiring sometime next year because it has to have 3 major things repaired. First off is the motherboard, which is what the replaced just last month. The also have to replace the motor's board and the motor. Otherwise my day has been uneventful other than I had a phone interview that was going really well until she had to question if I have more than $4500 in debt and behind on payments. With K's medical bills, well I've got way more than that and of course I'm behind on those payments because I'm taking care of household stuff and putting food on the table, so that made me disqualified for the job. Which I'm so pissed off about but my Mom said that it wasn't the right job for me and that's why this happened. Well it was more money and payed medical, dental and vision, which would have been really nice to have. But I guess I'll just keep looking for something better.

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