Friday, April 25, 2008


Now I understand why people who live in California really get sick of earthquakes and aftershocks. We just had another aftershock at 1230p, not sure what it registred yet.
K had a really hard time falling asleep for her nap today, other than that was asleep at 7am and then up and going by 830 am and for some reason I seem to have excess energy? Worked on hairbows, finished a whole bunch of hairbows, packaged up some custom orders from people I meet on ebay and now I'm looking at the window in my office/sewing room watching a thunderstorm roll in and wishing it wouldn't because it's going to be freakin' cold this weekend (won't even hit the 60's). Well off to eat some lunch.
One more thing, it's noow 1236p and we just had another aftershock but not as violent as the other one.

EDITED TO ADD: It was actually not an aftershock but another earthquake, this time about 20 miles closer than the last one but luckily it was less than 4.5

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