Friday, April 4, 2008

Why didn't the Phone Ring??

Well today is Friday, I expected and really, really hoped the phone would ring today and I would hear that I was getting a callback interview for my dream job. But it didn't ring at all, the phone was silent all day and trust me, I picked it up several times just to make sure it was still working. I keep thinking maybe they are dragging their feet and haven't called anyone yet or I knew the job too well and they wanted someone right out of college so they could mold them into what they wanted or maybe someone in a short red dress so she could hit on all the guys and make them feel wanted. I'm just so mad and upset! At least I've got my bank job and I can keep looking for something better. Otherwise, Saturday is going to be crazy, we are going to a baby sale, Baseball game and the Shriner's Kick-Off for the Circus that is for patients, parents & hospital staff. Plus my Mom want to make contact in person with a boutique that is interested in buying some of her stuff to sell since we will be over that way. So it's going to be nuts! So I'm grabbing my shower tonight, then off to bed and then up way to early in the morning to start our day.

These were a few things I saw around the house today, that really made me rethink my parenting skills......

Should K's babies really be sleeping with knives?

Even better, Toaster in the Sink, now she's trying to electrocute someone!

And I just really liked that Potato Head looked like Ganesh with the multiple arms

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