Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wow, it's Thursday already!

Wow I can't believe that the time is flying. I haven't downloaded my carmera at all this week and this is the longest time I've been on the computer and it's only been 20 minutes because K's Uncle is watching her. All I seem to have time to do is check my email and all I keep thinking is, I haven't even started my 2nd job yet, I'm really not going to have anytime then. I haven't gotten out of work all week until after 2am and then it takes about 1/2 hr to get home. I've found that I can work on my bows during my lunch 1/2 hr and get them almost complete and just leave the finishing work for at home (attaching them to the clip, etc). Otherwise K meet her new PT on Tuesday, she seems really nice and I think she will work out really well. K also got her new brace today. It was so funny because of course K was hysterical but the minute that I mentioned she was getting new shoes, she stopped crying and was her perfect self. It was so funny, I guess I'm in trouble that shoes can calm her down!

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NorasMommy said...

Ahh shoes. A girl after my own heart!