Sunday, April 20, 2008

The weekend

Well I haven't felt like posting at all this weekend even though instead of sitting at home and just feeling sorry for ourselves, we went to a playgroup, meet our China June DTC Secret Pal and had a wonderful lunch with her and then spent today working on making some hairbows. But I really am sick of looking at the earthquake pictures, maybe in a few more days I'll post more pictures but right now, I've got to just not think about it because it just makes me sick, well I've got to think about it everytime I go into my bathroom or look outside or walk into different rooms in my house but I don't want it to invade other parts of my life if it doesn't have too. Well headed to work, so good night everyone!

EDITED TO ADD: As soon as I posted this we had another really strong aftershock, this one seemed to last forever and I almost fell off my computer chair. I guess the earthquake won't let me forget about it that easily!
EDITED AGAIN: It was a 4.5 aftershock

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Shelby said...

I love the ladybug jacket- very cute. I am glad you got to go do some fun stuff and get away for a little bit.