Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday, Monday

Sorry got that song stuck in my head for some reason. Today started off just yucky. I woke up yucky, K woke up yucky and if I could have, I would have stayed in bed. But today I had new employee orientation. Needless to say it all started to go downhill when my Mom didn't get to leave her work on time, thus making her get home late and leaving me less than 20 minutes to across the river and downtown. I had a good idea where I was going but I also knew that I was going to be cutting it super close on making it there by 10a. By the time I found the parking garage it was 955a, by the time I found a parking spot on the 4th level it was 957a, the have no elevators so I had to climb down 4 flights of stairs and then when I emerged onto the street that's when I realize I have 4 city blocks ahead of me before I even get to the building, look at the clock, it's 959a. By all means, I not a skinny person and I have had breathing problems all my life, even when I was skinny, so I knew there was no way I could run it and make it to at least the building by 10a and to the 4th floor without having an attack. Needless to say it was a little after 10a when I reached the Security officers desk and of course I am not on the list of New Employee Orientation. UGH!!!! My HR rep is so irresponsible, so needless to say they do let me go to orientation after a little of my grumbling on my part, I sit through the presentation that didn't apply to me at all because I'm not a freakin teller and then we go have our badges made, of course I'm not on that list either. Another UGH!! But luckily they took my picture and I've got my badge, I then hiked back to my car, walked up the 4 flights of stairs and I report to work tomorrow afternoon. I also got another call today and accepted a 2nd job working midnights, which I start next week, so basically I'll be working 16 hrs a day and then up most of the day with K and then get some sleep when she takes her nap. And the midnight job is 7 days a week, no days off, so this will prove interesting. At least with my afternoon job, I'll have both Sat & Sun off for awhile before it changes to Sat & one day a week.

Otherwise flash back to our weekend. We had so much fun at the ballgame and K just thought she was the belle of the stadium. She waved at everyone. Her biggest thrill was when she got to see the team mascot on the field. She waved and waved and waved but of course since we were on the 2nd deck he couldn't see her but it didn't matter. We then went to the Boutique, the women there is very interested in my Mom's clothes and said that she would be in touch with her in the next few weeks, so that is an awesome sign. We then headed to the Shriner's Circus Kick-off party. K had such a blast playing games. She also had fun petting all the animals but she got pretty freaked out when the donkey tried to eat her clothes, luckily Grandma saved her while Mommy took pictures but even when we moved away from him and was trying to pet other animals, he would come over and try eating her clothes again. K was the only kid that he tried eating her clothes. It was actually really funny even if K didn't think so.

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Shelby said...

And somewhere in there you will find time to sleep too!!!
Her outfit is gorgeous. Your mom does such great work- that boutique will be lucky to have her stuff...