Friday, April 18, 2008


Wow, it's been a crazy and amazing day today.....I was actually at home in my own bed when the earthquake struck this morning at 437am because of lack of work. My Mom woke up and asked me if I felt that and I said yeah, it's probably nothing. So she went to look because she thought for sure that an airplane had crashed in our yard or something but there was nothing and it took the news over a 1/2 hr before they reported anything on it. There has been alot of aftershocks but the one that hit around 1030 was the worse. The only damage I can see is the concrete around our pool is wrecked and I'm not sure if there is damage to the pool or the pipes or anything like that yet. I am sick at how bad the pool looks right now and how it actually shifted in the ground. I will post pictures of it because it's amazing.

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