Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Foster Care, Life, and everything else

Well my sinus infection is back in full force, could it be that all of a sudden we go from wearing sweatshirts and warm clothes over the weekend to 80+ degree weather with almost 100% humidity. I mean seriously, it's never gets this warm in April, usually I'm enjoying the 70's right now. K's new physical therapist is going well. She had her 3rd session with K yesterday and since K is so fanatical once you put on her shoes and don't want to take them off. I decided to leave them off until the PT came and have her put them on so she could do K's stretches, worked like a charm, no fussing from K at all. I just love it, when one of my ideas work. Otherwise had an appt yesterday at the attorneys and had to take K with me, it's set up like a doctor's office and when the lady came from behind the door and told us we could go back, K panicked, she though we were going to see a doctor and then they showed us into a room all by herself, hysteria set in. I felt so awful and the women was like "what is wrong with her" I tried to explain but she just didn't get it. Otherwise we slept in late today, thanks goodness because I was so exhausted yesterday I actually fell asleep 4 different times in the middle of encoding checks at my job. Thank goodness no one was around to see me do it except the mail room guys and because I don't rat them out on stupid stuff they do, they keep there mouth shut about me. Otherwise, I had a heart to heart with the Foster Care supervisor, seems they have had me sitting in the wrong pile all this time and that's why I haven't had any placements. Guess the new licensing worker got her a$$ chewed out because she called me 4 times already trying to set up an appt to come out. I didn't want to put it off but there's no way I can get my house in order by next week when she wanted to come out, so I asked to put it off for 2 weeks. I feel so guilty about doing that but I just can't do it right now. Well gotta go, K is up from her nap, to tell you how exhausted I am, K woke up wet as can be, I couldn't figure out if her diaper had exploded or what, nope Mommy forgot to put one on her. Man, I need to find better paying jobs that will allow me to get more sleep!!

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creativemind17 said...

Hi, I want to say you seem like a really nice person and really care for your kid(s). I really also would like to ask a question...
... I am 17 years old and feel like a total mess, by that i mean my mom & dad bearly want anything to do with me. So I live w/ my grandma, but she talks about ME and everyone in my family. The other realitives in my family I am not close with and I feel like I want to go to foster care. I don't know if I am too old since I only have one more year to go till 18, but I dont think I can hold off much longer. Advice please?!?! MY EMAIL