Thursday, August 7, 2008

2 Years Ago Today....Meeting K for the 1st Time

Two year ago today, I sat in a muggy restaurant in the hotel eating breakfast trying to keep calm because we were going to leave the hotel around 10am to finally meet K. We left about 10 minutes before 10am and as we rode out to the orphanage we made small talk with the facilitator but I was concentrating more on what was outside my window, so that way when K is old enough I can tell her all about what the community and trip was like out to the orphanage. When we arrived, we were greeted by the security guard and within minutes we were heading towards the infant room. I remember turning back to my Mom and making sure she was taking pictures and taping this event. We took our shoes off and stepped inside the room, all I can remember was the Nannies tending to the babies and hearing hungry babies crying. And then I remember our facilitator say K's name and one of the Nannies heading over to a crib. She picked up this tiny baby who didn't look more than a month old and I thought there was a mistake, this wasn't my daughter who was suppose to be almost 6 months old. But when the Nanny was about 5 feet from me, she flipped her around and there was that little face that I had memorized from the few pictures I had. Finally after all the heartbreaks and disappointments my family endured there was my daughter that we had all been praying for. And even though I asked my Mom as we made the walk to the room if she was taping and taking pictures, she got caught up in the moment and the first picture I have is after they had already handed K to me. We spent almost 3 hours with her that day, she was running a super high fever and was super sick. Because of that we got to take her outside the hot, muggy infant room for awhile to try and cool her down. She was so bright and alert and just took everything in. Finally we had to leave, we were suppose to go back that afternoon but with her being so sick we decided to let her rest, since she had already had such a big day meeting us for the first time.

Today we spent together, we played playdough, colored and cuddled together and watched Over the Hedge (the movie I watched like 40 times on the plane ride to Vietnam).
Wow I can't believe it's been 2 years, look how little she was!


SARA said...

Gosh. has it been two years already????

Congrats on this anniversary!

Shelby said...

It doesn't seem like it has been 2 years already-wow. She just gets more beautiful with every day.