Monday, August 18, 2008

Where does time go?

I swear I am losing large chunks of time. I can't believe that today is already Monday and that tomorrow we move my Baby Brother to his 1st apartment so he can go to Grad School. Seems like yesterday he was just that annoying little brother who drove me crazy, Oh wait he still drives me crazy and yep, he can get pretty annoying (LOL). We spent the last few days helping him pack, repack and pack some more. Both he and I will leave early in the morning driving 2 cars with the bulk of the load and then since his girlfriend has a job interview and she just has to go up there (hmm, can't put what I really think so, grumble, grumble, grumble), my Mom, K and her will leave sometime after noon and they will basically have his clothes and odds & ends. I'm hoping that this goes fast and honestly the way we work together, I'm hoping that almost everything is done in 2-3 hours. Well I leave you with a few pictures over the last few days, I really, really need to get to bed since it's already midnight.

we went to see what we could find in the garden, was a little disappointed when we only got a handful of tomatoes.

We hit 3 yard sales on Saturday, we got everything pictured for $1.50. There was 42 pieces of ribbon and each was 1-2 yards and was rescued from a former cheerleader who was getting rid of it. Also very excited because the boots actually fit over K's brace, which is super rare when it comes to any footwear. Then of course the things K picked out, the Hello Kitty purse, Little people dinosaur and what I've been calling Ninja Fighting Cat (if anyone can identify who he is, we would love to know).
The mountain of boxes from the garage, it really wasn't that bad but K shot this picture from her very short sitting down vantage point, so that's why it looks like a mountain. and finally a picture K took of Kitty Cat and if you look closely her toes are in the bottom right hand corner. K told me, "Mommy look, toes and KittyKitty", then she just started laughing hysterically.

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