Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo - Big Picture Post

Well today we decided to head over to the Zoo since my Baby Brother is leaving early next week for grad school, plus we didn't want to miss the special Dinosaur exhibit that ends September 1st and honestly it was a great escape from reality for a few hours. We got up super early so we could get over to the zoo in time to get into the Dinosaur and Children's Zoo for free. I was really surprised that K was freaked out about the Dinosaurs but I could see why because they were really life like, there mouths opened and closed, their eyes looked around and they had eye lids that blinked and they actually moved their bodies too, like they could gobble her up and made sort of growling sounds. K had more fun over at the Children's zoo and at the rest of the exhibits. She got to pet goats, guinea pigs and a snake. She got face to face with a baby leopard who was almost the same size as her and she kept calling him Baby Jaguar (of course from Dora's Cousin, Diego). We went to Penguin and Puffin coast and she got splashed by penguins and then we headed over to the Tiger exhibit and got to see the 5 new Tiger cubs and the Momma Tiger. They were so adorable and K loved watching them, they ran, swam and attacked each other, it was so freakin' cute. We also went into the Butterfly house and it was amazing, I have never seen so many butterflies in my life and they were gorgeous. K had the same butterfly land on her cup and stroller tray close to 8 times. Of course none of us was ready and didn't get a picture of it. I also had a large purple and black butterfly land on my shoulder, of course my Mom, Baby Brother and his girlfriend were further up the path and didn't hear me yell so they could get a picture for me, so I tried to take a picture of me and the butterfly by holding my camera at arms length but it didn't turn out, so I'm bummed out about that because it was such an amazing moment. We had such a good time and even though there were some issues with Baby Brother's girlfriend (don't even get me started on that girl!) we didn't let her spoil our fun and my Brother didn't let it spoil his fun either (thank goodness)!!

Looking at a little dinosaur, he didn't look that threatening because he didn't have long point teeth and didn't move!
K hanging on to her Uncle for dear life, this dinosaur sprayed water out of his mouth, she totally freaked out when she got hit by the water, like she was the wicked witch in Wizard Oz and was melting away

Mommy and K checking out the dinosaurs

K loved petting and brushing the goats

the real Tarantula in the children's zoo, K spent so much time just looking and looking at him

Another exhibit showing strange insect food people eat (as many of you know I'm a pretty big fan of chocolate chip cricket cookies and stir fried mealy worms and no I'm not kidding, they are really good but I just don't think I can eat a tarantula or bugs on my pizza)

K trying to figure out where we should go next

K loved getting to see the turtles and after she got done looking at them, I asked her if she was still going to eat turtle when she goes to China and she looked at me and goes, K eat turtle and snake in China. Guess even though she thought they were a cool animal, they still looked tasty.

K and Uncle watching the penguins and getting splashed by the ones in the water

the super cute baby tigers, I've got some amazing movies of them

K with a poisonous frog, they had 4 of them but this one was my favorite

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