Thursday, August 21, 2008


Well according to my clock it's 1221am, so that means it is August 22nd. Two years ago today, I spent the day wandering around the Municipal park in HCMC, both my Mom and I had pretty much decided there was no way we were going to have a G&R that week. We had been in Vietnam at that point for 20 days and I have to say at that point we were both so sick that we just wanted to get on the next plane with K and go home but we were stuck. Then about 5 minutes before 4pm we got the call saying we needed to be in the hotel lobby at 415pm. You should of seen us rushing around trying to get ready, trying to get K ready and pack the diaper bag. We were two crazy women. We got ready in record time and had 5 minutes to spare. We were then whisked off to the Ministry of Justice building where the orphanage director was waiting to sign the paperwork to make K officially mine. So right around 5pm we signed all the necessary paperwork (4 copies each), signed the book and it was over. We were officially a Family in the eyes of the Vietnamese government.

That night we celebrated with pizza from Al Fresco's. Last year we celebrated with a quiet evening at home and of course homemade pizza. This year we will continue the tradition, not sure were we will be getting the pizza from or any other plans we have but we will be together as a family and that's all that matters.

K and I at the Municipal Park in HCMC

The matching Jade bracelet my Mom got us to celebrate the day

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