Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing Olympic Ceremonies

We are so excited that the Olympics have started. We had so much fun watching the Opening ceremonies and thinking ahead of our trip to China (sometime in Aug 2010 per the latest rumors) to meet C. K has really enjoyed watching the shows on China and we have talked about her getting a sister from China and how she is from Vietnam. Not sure how deeply she grasp the conversation we have but she does understand what a sister is but now everyday she asks me if today she "go China for sista an eat snake, pig, tutle". So everyday I explain to her that "No today is not the day we go to China so she can meet her sister and eat snake, pig and turtle." We watched a few shows that showed the different foods that are eaten in China and it made a really big impression on K. So she states with much determination that she will eat Snake, Turtle and Pig when she is in China just like the guys on TV did. She has also asked me, my Mom and Uncle if we will join her. I of course said yes, if my baby is brave enough to eat it, then I will surely join her, her Uncle said if he makes the trip he too will eat whatever wild animal she wants to eat. My Mom, she was a resounding "NO". I on the other hand look forward to trying fried starfish. Also in honor of the Olympics, I made some awesome bows, that K is holding in one of the pictures.

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