Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day out with Great-Grandma

Well today we spent the day with K's Great-Grandma. This is the same one I've talked about before in quite a few posts, including the Christmas miracle. Well she contacted my Brother a few weeks ago (totally out of character for her) and wanted to get together with him before he left for school. So today was the day for us to have some fun. First we had to drive over an hour north to go and pick her up. We took K with us and I got some awesome shots from around what is remaining of the family farm. It's so sad to see what has become of the place, to see buildings that meant so much to my Grandfather because of the family history behind them just removed with no traces that they were ever there except for pictures I took to document them. Well Grandma tells me that she is tearing down the big barn. I love this barn, it has so much character and charm to it and it breaks my heart that in a few months there will be nothing left of this building that my Great-Great Grandpa, Great-Grandpa, Grandpa and his 2 Brother built with their own hands. Yep, I'm a sentimental fool and I'm damn proud of it. I asked my Grandma to save me a few boards from it, not sure what I'll do with it but both my Brother and I agreed that we wanted a piece of our family history since we have nothing left other than memories and pictures of my Grandfather. I just hope she keeps her promise and actually saves us some of the wood. Otherwise I have to say we had so much fun together. Like old times we use to have together when we would have our girls day out and go Christmas shopping. We had so much fun acting goofy, playing games and just quality time together. After our day of fun, we then dropped K and my Mom off at home before taking Grandma back home. We were sort of quiet on the way home but once we got to her house, she didn't want us to leave, she seemed so very lonely. Now I have to say as we sat there and made small talk about a variety of issues, the issues we have had over the years just seemed like a bad dream. But once we were in the car and headed home, I had so many mixed feelings, I mean this is the same evil women who signed the paperwork that denied reasonable pain meds and any type of food/drink/fluid to my Grandfather while he was dying. So instead of being peaceful when he passed away, he was in agony and on top of it, he was severely dehydrated because unless he could pick up the glass and put it to his lips, the nurses wasn't allowed to even wet his lips. I mean that was just inhuman. But then I think there had to be a reason she signed that paperwork, I mean I really can't say it's because she's EVIL and leave it at that in my heart. I just don't know, I want to love this women, I want this connection to this side of my family, I want this connection to the past, I guess more importantly to what she meant to my Grandfather. But on the other hand she has caused so much pain, so much hatred and is partially to blame for splitting this family into a billion pieces. I just don't know?

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NorasMommy said...

That's so sad that the barn is being torn down. Hope you took lots of photos while you were there! It would be really nice if you could get enough wood to make a little bench or something that you can keep and use.

Have a good week!