Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Trip to Grad School and Recouping

Well the trip up to Grad school wasn't bad, I spent the entire trip behind my Baby Brother watching to make sure none of his stuff flew out of the truck. I spent most of my time watching the car's passing us shocked at how much crap we loaded into an F-10 pick-up truck. I have to say it was pretty amazing that we fit a couch, entertainment center, large full size desk, 5 dining room chairs, a dining room table, a blue overstuffed chair, blue beanbag chair and finally his coffee table in the bed of truck that measured 5'x4'. The rest of my time was spent watching this ant crawl back and forth across the windshield and my friendly neighborhood car spider (I have done previous battles with this spider trying to kill him) catching the ant and trying to kill him but the ant somehow getting loose. It became very comical but that could have been from the serious lack of sleep, the long road trip and the 44 oz Cherry coke. Once we got there and he picked up his keys we had everything moved into his apartment in under 2 hours. We then set up his furniture where he wanted it and then started to unpack before we headed off to the book store in a quest to get him cable and broadband service. Needless to say 1 1/2 hours later we walked out carrying the cable box and modem in a bag made of recyclable plastic bottles. It was really cool. We then walked the 7 blocks back to the car and drove back to the apartment. When we got there, my Mom, K and his Girlfriend just arrived. Needless to say I've got a lot more grumbling to do about his girlfriend. She is so bent out of shape because Baby Brother is leaving her and going off to Grad school. They have had so many fights in the last few weeks and I talked to him today and I know they had another fight after we left last night and all it is doing is stressing him out more. Honestly I'm not sure if it's going to last and after everything that has happened and the rude, hurtful, mean things she has said to me in the last week, I won't be broken up about it if it happens because honestly, my Baby Brother needs a Women not some Girl who's acting like she's still in High School. So off my soap box, almost. Otherwise the move went smoothly and my Brother was super appreciative of everything we did especially since every time we turned around his girlfriend would complain about how tired she was and would plop down and not do any work. So he knew if we hadn't stayed behind there was no way his apartment would have been unpacked and looking like a million dollars. Now the killer of the trip was when we were getting ready to leave. All of a sudden it hits K that something isn't right because her Uncle wasn't getting in the car with us and we were telling her next time they would see each other. Next thing I know K starts tearing up, won't say good-bye and just keeps saying over and over again "no, no, don't leave, no" Of course it breaks my Baby Brother's heart that K doesn't want him to go and she just doesn't understand the totally affect this is going to have on her life. Next thing I know we are all a crying mess except his Girlfriend who actually gets really snotty and acts like a total bitch. I won't even go further into her actions at this point but if I would have been on my game I would have said "Look he loves his niece way more than you and he is going to miss her a heck of a lot more than you". Finally we got K calmed down enough that she does tell him good-bye and gives him kisses but all day today she spent asking about her Uncle and when was he coming home. Even with him coming home to visit, it's going to be a long 2 years.
The truck packed and ready to go

This is what I stared at for hours on end

K standing in front of the fountain before we left

Baby Brother and K acting silly

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