Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Nervous

I am so freakin nervous about tomorrow's interview. I had to rewrite my resume with a salary history, references and my salary requirements. I hate having to put a number on the salary requirement because honestly I want this job so badly I will take the base starting pay without a blink of the eye, so instead I just put negotiable. I guess if they don't like that, then they can ask me tomorrow what I expect and I can state that I am open to starting at base salary. Tomorrows interview is panel style, so that's a little nerve wracking because I just don't know what to expect. I think I'm just making this worse on myself just thinking about it. So instead I spent the day making bows, sewed 2 new outfits for K, played with K and went to the other interview.

After the interview tomorrow we are going out to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Her birthday isn't until April 2nd but our gift certificate for America's Incredible Pizza company expires on 4/1 and you have to use it Mon-Fri and my Mom wouldn't want to go on a Monday because she would have to get up early the next morning, so tomorrow it is. Ok, going to try and go to bed because I need to look good for tomorrow. I made the Ladybug bows and the Yellow Loopy bow in K's hair, both of them I made today trying to take my mind off the interview tomorrow.