Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It was 71 Today!!

It was so nice to have warm weather today. After the morning from hell, which I'll write about a little later in this post, I took K to the park. We had never been to this park before and it really wasn't all that great. It had 3 different playgrounds, the biggest one was packed with big kids, so we headed off to the one that had no children playing on it. We ate lunch and then went to play. There were 3 other little kids playing there, so no worries about K getting knocked down or anything like that because they were all under the age of 2 1/2. K spent so much time going up and down the slide. And after watching another little girl swing, K decided to give it a try. Now up until now K would scream and just freak out if she was put in a swing or even taken near a swing, so I was really surprised when she wanted to give it a try. Of course K had to do it on her terms, which meant Mommy couldn't push her but K got the hang of it and actually started pumping her legs on her own so she could swing back and forth. I could of just cried right then and there watching her swing with a great big smile on her face. Read below the pictures about my morning from hell.

So otherwise K had a rough night last night, so when I got a phone call at 730am saying it was the Sears Home Repair guy here to fix the Washer, needless to say he woke me up. So I threw on some clothes and he was waiting at the front door. My wash machine has been broken since 2 days after Christmas, I have a Home Repair Warranty on it but it has taken me this long talking to the stupid 1-800 number and finally a manager to get someone out here. So he walks in, I tell him the problem, he goes will that means you need a new Main Control Panel (yep wash machine's computer is fried). So he looks to see if he has one in stock...of course he doesn't and he has to order the freakin' part. I am beyond livid at this point, it has taken me over 3 months to get you out here and you don't have the stupid part and it's not like I didn't tell the 1-800 number what the problem was, so it wasn't like you were coming out here without knowing what was wrong, so you would think you would come prepared! So now I have to wait another week for the part to come in and for him to come back out and install it. So hopefully next Wednesday I'll be posting about my wash machine being fixed and not about how I'll have to keep washing clothes in the sink because I'm still without one. But No that isn't the worse part of my day and even now I'm still LIVID!!! K had PT today, so as I've said I have had issues with the Physical Therapist and as the weeks and months have gone by I decided to just tolerate her because I thought she was retiring in May, well she changed her mind and will be around until K graduates out of the program, which is May2009. K and her has had there battle of wills in the last 3 months or so but it never amounted to anything because I would always intervene and get K to finish whatever activity it was. Today the Physical Therapist decides to have K walk over a 2x4 piece of wood. Well this isn't a new activity but instead of walking and stepping on it, she wanted K to totally step over the board without stepping on it. Well since this was a different activity then before K kept stepping on the board, the Physical Therapist showed her once what she wanted to do and K tried doing it but went back to just stepping on the board to cross it. Well I can see it in the Physical Therapist face that she is becoming annoyed because K isn't doing what she asked. So they Physical Therapist places her hands on K's upper arms, starts shaking her and yells at her, I was watching my daughter's shocked face that I can't even remember what she said but K was on the verge of tears and looking at me like what did I do wrong Mommy. The physical therapist takes her hands off K and I with great restraint because all I really wanted to do was hit this women, told her "I think it's time for you to leave". She took her things out to the car and wrote the session report and brought me my copy back to the door. I was going to call our Case Worker right away but I was so livid that if I did, well I'm not sure what I would have said and I really needed to calm down so I didn't sound like some crazy over-reacting mother but a very articulate person so this matter is handled properly. But you can betcha that bright and early tomorrow that our Case Worker will be receiving a call from me and we will be getting a new Physical Therapist!! So I'll let you all know how the phone call goes. Oh yeah, you know this great weather we had today by tomorrow it's suppose to be in the 30's for the rest of the week with freezing rain.

EDITED to ADD: Oh yeah one more thing about the Physical Therapist, as you know she's been trying to self diagnose K. Like she thought K was having seizures and well the list goes on. Well today's thing is that she asked me if K liked to swing and I told her no (it was before we went to the playground) she hates it, she screams and cries anytime we go near one and she goes well I think she has a Sensory Disorder. So of course I ask what kind of Sensory Disorder she thought it was and she asked if K liked going down a slide by herself and I go she'll go down but she's spooked herself a few times by almost falling off that she sometimes wants us to hold her hand so that way she slows down and so this is when she goes Oh then she must have Gravitational Insecurity Sensory Disorder. I have to say I'm really sick of this women trying to self-diagnose my child when there isn't a problem!

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Shelby said...

OMG!!!! How did you not kill her???? Give K hugs from us and tell her we love her.