Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter everyone. We have spent a quiet day alone, since Uncle N had to work and well the rest of us are just feeling under the weather. We had some great things left in our Easter baskets and we have spent this afternoon playing and eating candy (ok Mommy was eating candy).

Yesterday we went to two easter egg hunts, the first was at the Local Minor league ballpark, it was so cool that K got to hunt eggs out in deep center field but we were pretty miserable because it was freezing. After that we went to the area's largest egg hunt, they hide over 60,000 eggs. Basically I figured it out that they put over 12,000 egg out every 20 minutes for less than 60 kids to hunt. K ended up getting over 88 eggs and she only stopped because her basket was full and my purse was pretty full too. While you wait to hunt eggs, they also peform a little religious show, it's all this great upbeat music, K couldn't take her eyes off of it.
Easter Egg Hunt at the Ball Stadium

Area's Larget Egg Hunt

Petting a Real Bunny

K looking at her basket

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