Monday, March 24, 2008

Conversation at 3am

Mommy: K it's time to go to bed, you need to shut you eyes, ok

K: K, MomMom, Nigh Nigh

few seconds of silence

K: MomMom?

Mommy: K, it's time for you to be asleep

K: Nigh, Nigh

few seconds later

K: MomMom?

K: Bapac (backpack from Dora)
K: Dora

Mommy: K if you don't go to sleep then you can't watch Dora tomorrow

K: makes a kissing sound (that is how she talks about Swiper from Dora because she is in love with him)

Mommy: That's right K, you won't get to watch Swiper either if you don't go to sleep because you'll be too tired

K: ticko, ticko, ticko.......ticko, ticko, ticko (tickle)
K: map
K: bacpac

Mommy: you need to close your eyes right now!

K: K, MomMom, Nigh Nigh

We have been having alot of these converstations very early in the morning. K will be sound asleep and next thing I know she's screaming bloody murder. She's not in a night terror because she will respond to your voice and her eyes are open. But she doesn't want you to hold her and she will fight tooth and nail to make sure you don't. I try holding her anyway and it takes a good hour to calm her down enough for me to be able to have a conversation like above and it also requires co-sleeping. Which at this point I'm so lacking in sleep, I'm too tired to move her. I just wish I knew what was waking her out of a deep sleep every night into hysterics?

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