Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day, Fingerprints and Rain

Today we headed downtown so I could get my fingerprints taken for my new job. Since I didn't know how long it was going to take, I sent my Mom and K ahead of me to one of the Opening day Pep Rally's. Well when I finally found the place I was suppose to get fingerprinted by, they HR rep hadn't sent over my paperwork yet. So Security called my HR rep and of course she wasn't at her desk. I waited around almost an hour before finally they decided they would take my prints and save them until they got my paperwork. Well they were in the middle of doing my prints when the HR rep called them and goes, Oops, I'll send the paperwork now. UGH!!! So my fingerprints are done! So I headed off to meet up with my Mom and K. I get about a block away from the building I was at when it decided to pour down rain. Well of course I didn't have an umbrella so I ended up soak and wet. Then of course I always wear my jeans big, so they drag a little bit, well they were soaking up every ounce of water out there, so basically they were soaked from the bottom to my knees. Finally I was able to find Mom and K. We made a once around there before heading off to another PepRally on the otherside of the stadium, there we listened to the music and got free beads and some soft baseballs. K got a Arby's backpack. We then crossed back over to the stadium and walked around but decided since there was still alot of people so we headed over to the Fox Channel's pep rally. There we listened to music and got some awesome stuff, like free coupons for Breakfast burritos and Big Mac's, some foam bats and rally towels from my favorite radio station. We then headed back to the Stadium in search of Uncle N's brick that his girlfriend bought him. It took us forever to find the brick but we were so excited once we found it. We then grabbed some lunch/dinner before heading home to watch the game on TV. Of course they canceled the game because of Rain while our team was winning and instead they have the Opening Day Game now rescheduled for tomorrow. Oh, yeah, K got her picture taken by the local TV station and is on their website, it's such a cute picture.

Pep Rally

watching the water fountain

Watching the band perform

having a snack while looking for the brick

pointing to the brick

As for getting the tickets so cheap. I think alot of people are mad right now because they let some fan favorites go during the off season and we now have a re-building team that they don't think will be any good. My thought is, your not a true fan if you don't support them through, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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