Sunday, March 30, 2008


On Saturday, we had a photo shoot with K wearing some of the new tutu's that Grandma had made. K had so much fun wearing them. I also love that Grandma can make a matching one for their stuffed toy, like the one Kitty Cat and Bunny have on. We then headed over to our Aunt & Uncle house to celebrate our Cousin's 1st birthday. We had so much fun and K had so much fun getting to play with her Cousin's and the other little kids that were there. We ended up visiting way to long but K and her Cousin's were having so much fun it was easy to loose track of time. Then today we spent taking it easy around the house and I made a whole bunch of hairbows and got them listed on Ebay. Otherwise K spent alot of time playing in her ball pit with Dora. Tomorrow we are heading down to the Opening Day festivities plus since I have to go downtown to get fingerprinted it really worked out. We were suppose to go to the Home Opener of our favorite baseball team but Uncle N's girlfriend ended up being able to get off work, so she took K and I's ticket. But that's ok, I ended up scoring 4 tickets for the April 3rd and the April 5th game for $20.00 total, so I paid about $2.50 a piece for them.

K wearing one of Grandma's Tutu's that she made along with one for Kitty and Bunny

K playing in the ballpit with her Cousins, M&M

K playing with her blower

K being silly while playing in her ball pit

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Shelby said...

love the pics-- have a great time at the game wow great price!!
Just paid $14 per ticket for our game on the 28th...