Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow, finally some interviews!

It was really an amazing day, first off my job interview went really well and I ended up having my 2nd interview this evening. Basically the manager told me I was hired as long as it was ok with her boss. When I got home from the morning interview, I had two more messages on my machine for 2 more job interviews. The one tomorrow I'm not really excited about but the one on Friday, I need some huge prayers and positive vibes. The job I am interviewing on Friday is my dream job and I'm so qualified to do it, it's about 5 minutes from my house, right across the street from a daycare so K wouldn't be far away and really good money. It is actually between me and 4 other candidates so basically I just have to WOW them on Friday. So Please keep positives thoughts and prayers going my way especially on Friday!!! I'm so nervous even thinking about the interview.

Otherwise it's raining here and flooding. K was actually a little spooked by the rain and thunder tonight, actually it had us pretty spooked too because it sounded like our house was going to wash away. The water has flooded the whole driveway, sidewalk and is creeping up the porch, thank goodness any entry into my house is about 6 inches above the water, so nothing to worry about. The creek is creeping out of it's banks and is to K's swingset (about 25 feet from it's banks). No way it can reach the house but all that water just makes a big mess for the side & back yards. My Mom's hours at work have been cut because of lack of work to 4 hours a day, not really a positive thing when I don't have an income coming in. I just don't know what we will do if I don't get these jobs.

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