Saturday, March 8, 2008

What a Week

Well this week started off ok but it did take a downhill turn really fast. First off, Thank you to all that commented and emailed, it really meant alot to me that the post about K's condition really made an impact. A few people asked if they could link my blog or even repost my post on there blog, my answer is yes, because information is power. Just leave a comment or email me.

Our week went like this, Uncle N's girlfriend's Grandma had passed away so we had planned on attending her visitation/funeral that was on Wed. Well I forgot that K had a appointment at Shriner's that day. Well most of the time I attend these appointments alone just because I can't ask my Mom or my Brother to take off work to go with me. These appointments are exhausting, not only for K but also for me. Have you ever tired to wrangle a hysterical 2 year old, who is screaming so loud you think your ear drums are doing to burst, who is also ripping your clothes off because she is trying to crawl over you and away from them and in doing so is leaving claw marks (by the way I trim her nails as short as we can before we go because I can guarantee this will happen), all the while trying to have an intelligent conversation with the Doctor who is standing over 10 feet away from you at the door because they know they can't go anywhere near you daughter with out causing her to freak out more than she already is? That was our Wed appointment. K's fear of doctors has just gotten worse, it was horrible before but it's 200% worse now. And it's been since the Nerve Conduction Study, I blame it on the fact that she had to be awake for almost the whole test and trust me, I had the test done for carpal tunnel and it's the worst feeling you can every have. Imagine forgetting to turn off the light when you are changing the burned-out light bulb and you touch the socket and you get that shock of electricity going through you body, well magnify that by 1000% and that's what the Nerve Conduction feels like. Heck, I'm a very strong person, who tolerates severe pain and this test almost brought me to tears, so I totally understand why K thinks they are going to hurt her again. So after having the intelligent conversation that basically ended with us both agreeing we need to talk to the Neurologist before anything really can be solved, other than they ordered a new brace for K. So we headed over to the Shop, where they had to make a casting of K's leg. Well the Nurse who did the casting wouldn't hold K's leg totally straight, so I have a fear that they are going to have it all jacked-up like her last one and have her leg go at this weird funky curve. But I even pointed that out to the Nurse and she said they would fix the curve, I hope they will because I won't accept it this time because all it did previously is make K's leg hurt more because it wasn't been kept in the correct position.

Well then we got home that afternoon and my Father had left a message on my machine that when like this, "Your Aunt Gladys ******** passed away and I think the services is Wednesday or Thursday somewhere in SL." So I run upstairs and pull up the local SL paper and her visitation is Wednesday with Service on Thursday. Crap, Today is Wednesday!! So here it is 230pm and I'm trying to get ahold of my Mom at work and my Brother who is already at another funeral. So by 330pm, I get ahold of them all and so then K and I rush around trying to get cleaned up, everyone's clothes laid out and make sure to pack a bag of stuff for K. Amazingly, we were all clean, dressed and out the door by 410pm. Once we arrived there, we were greeted by our Cousins (my Aunt's daughters). They were so thankful we could make it, they said we were some of the first people they thought about after she had passed and they had thought we had been called by one of their husbands, instead I guess the husband left it up to my Father to call me, which I'm really surprised that he did since he still hasn't meet his only Granddaughter and refuses to speak with me when I have tried to make contact, but I also know that if he hadn't and we had missed this, well his a$$ would have been grass. Now there's alot of back history with my Father's family that well it's just too complicated to explain but my Father has a Sister. We were on good terms until September of this year but then she just sort of flipped out even more and was convinced that we were spying on her for my Grandma and her Goons. Well she came with my Great-Aunt (the last living from that generation) and she acted totally weird with me but actually had a really nice long conversation with my brother and actually talked with K. We kept our distance from each other but I didn't want to invade her space. Otherwise I spent a really long time with my Great-Aunt and it was really nice, but it also made me miss my Grandpa because our conversation and what we talked about was so similar, I guess Sisters and Brothers think alike.

Then on Thursday and Friday, K spent her days and nights in pain. She really didn't even want to play, just wanted to cuddle kitty. Even the baby Tylenol didn't even help a little bit. So we were just wore out. We spent today running errands, we ran into Hobby Lobby today and ran into a former Co-Worker, who was instrumental in me getting laid-off, so that was really awkward. She kept trying to fuss over K and she just didn't want this women within 50 feet of her....maybe she sensed my dislike for her? So that's my week, or mainly my Wednesday in a nutshell.


Shelby said...

Phew-- I am wiped out just reading it.
My condolences on the loss of your aunt.
I had an experience like that with your co-worker with one on Andrew's teachers.-- oh that was just so fun(note the sarcasm)... I walked away smiling though- I'll tell you the story some time...

Cindy said...

*Inhale!* Whew! I'm out of breath just reading your adventures. I'm so sorry about your loss. I hope K's pains aren't as frequent as I think they are. Poor baby, poor Mama!