Friday, March 28, 2008

What a Day

First off, I was offered a job as a proof operator at a bank. This was from the interviews I had on Wed. I am excited about this job but I still want my Dream Job. So, I told them I would take the job because it's late afternoon into evening position. So even if I get my dream job, I still plan on working this one for awhile too until we get caught up and some savings in the bank. Now the only thing that could stop me from getting this job is if my fingerprints come back from the FBI with something, which I would think they use the same process as they do for adoptions, so I should have no problem. I go for fingerprints on Monday, have new employee orientation on Monday, April 7th and report to work on Tuesday, April 8th.

Now onto the rest of my day, I was a nervous wreck leading up to my Dream Job interview. Since we were leaving to go out to eat right afterwards, my Mom and K sat in the car, since it wasn't suppose to be more than 15min long. We got there about 245p and my interview wasn't until 315p. So we did some people watching from the car trying to decide who was here for the interview. We were right about one lady, she was about my Mom's age and was wearing this super short, super tight red dress. I guess she thought it was going to be only guys on the panel. So at 3p, I headed inside, so that way I was there early but not too early. Right before 315p, another one of the candidates came in, she looked about 20 and right out of the Hickey Business school for Secretaries. At 315p, I watched them walk the Lady in Red out while she flirted with the Assistant City Manager and they called my name, I greeted them with a firm handshake but was super nervous, there were 5 people on the panel, 3 were women and 2 were men. The women were dressed very conserative, so hopefully I earned some points because of what I was wearing opposed to what the Lady in Red was wearing. Otherwise, I answered the questions as honest as I could and as intellegent as I could. I kept catching myself starting to go "ummm", which is a nervous habit of mine, but then I would stop and compose myself. Otherwise they did like that I knew the big construction areas of the town and that they are trying to revitalize Downtown and after I said that they all smiled and shook there head in agreement. See the late Mayor's dream was to fix up downtown and bring it back to the glory days, well he passsed away 2 weeks ago, so I think I hit a sentimental nerve there. They were surprised when we got to the end and I had no questions for them. I told them that they had explained everything throughly and I am also very familiar with the job that I applied for. Now it's a waiting game, they are calling back people next week for a more through interview, so I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens. And pray like mad that the phone rings for that interview.

So afterwards we headed to America's Incrediable Pizza company, we had a really fun time, K ate a ton of food and we played lots of games. More than anything it was just nice to be out and for those few hours we were there we didn't have anything to worry about, it was all about having fun.

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Shelby said...

Great news!! YEAH!! Will keep praying for the phone to ring!!!