Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm Defeated

I'm Defeated, my allergies and sinus problems have finally kicked my butt. And along with K's severe allergies with her itching, stuffy nose, water eyes and too miserable to sleep, I'm exhausted. I wish the stupid weather would finally make up it's mind, either be cold or warm, none of this in between. I mean I do dread Spring coming because of how bad K's allergies are but it's better than what the weather is doing to them right now and mine will actually clear up for a little while until Summer comes making my sinus problems manageable. On top of all that, my camera finally died, ok well it still powers up but only takes pictures with this weird pink hue and blurs every picture. So I'm having to use my other digital camera that I only use for professional picture taken and since it burns right to a cd and I don't want to waste the cd's with taking only a few pictures, so no pictures until I take 200, which actually with K isn't hard to do in a couple of days. Well I'm off to be miserable with my water eyes, stuffy head, headache and exhaustion, hopefully I'll actually accomplish something today.


Shelby said...

I'm sorry your allergies are so bad. It is miserable down here right now. Everyone's allergies are going crazy.

Corey said...

alergies suck big time